Vancouver Vipers Water Polo is a parent-run organization. The success of our programs – from weekly league games to seasonal tournaments – rely on the contributions of parent volunteers. Each family registered with our club is expected to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer activities OR to contribute a contribution of $200 to the club in lieu of time. 

NOTE: Volunteer tracking is required by the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch in order to be considered for grant applications, thus every family is requested to commit to volunteer opportunities.

Once you have registered with the club, please provide the Registrar or another Executive member with the following:

  • Families participating in volunteer activities: a $200 cheque post-dated April 30, 2023
  • Families NOT participating in volunteer activities: a $200 cheque dated September 6, 2022

NOTE:  Families unable to fulfill a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer activities will have their cheque cashed April 30, 2023

Volunteer Activity Hours Earned How to participate
Parent volunteer training session in September 2023 1 hour Attend meeting; sign the attendance sheet
Club AGM in May 2023 1 hour Attend AGM; sign the attendance sheet
Table official at weekly League games 1 hour/game Shifts will be assigned to participating families
Inflatable nets, balls, hats to Renfrew pool for U10 scrimmages / return to Kerrisdale pool  1 hour / game Sign-up sheet will be circulated to participating U10 families
Table official at Winter and Spring tournaments 1 hour/game Sign-up sheet prior to tournament date
Providing deck food at Winter and Spring tournaments 1 hours/game Sign-up sheet prior to tournament date

Guidelines for tracking volunteer activities

Record Keeping

Vipers will circulate volunteer shifts for season games which run from October – April. Once you have completed your shift, EMAIL THE COMPLETED GAME SHEET TO [email protected] Submission of the completed game sheet will be considered proof of hours served. Vipers will also circulate volunteer sign up sheets for tournaments. If you serve as a minor official – please send the game sheet to [email protected] as proof of hours. If you perform another task, such as providing deck food, please ensure that you email [email protected] to receive credit for volunteer hours.


  • Team Managers, Webmaster, Clothing Manager and members of the Executive Board are exempted from participation in the Volunteer Program with the expectation that they will volunteer as minor officials are needed at the weekly games and/or tournaments. 
  • Families whose children are registered in the U10/JRD Program only are exempt but are expected to volunteer at the scheduled LMWPL scrimmages for U10 athletes.  For example, transporting the inflatable nets, balls and hats from Kerrisdale pool to Renfrew and back; ensuring that the nets are inflated at Renfrew; taking down the nets, collecting the balls and hats and returning the equipment to Kerrisdale pool at the next practice.


  1. What do you do as a Table Official? 

The Table Officials’ jobs are: Timer, Game Recorder, Scorekeeper and Kick-Out. A parent orientation reviewing these roles will be held in September (attendance at this orientation will count towards your volunteer hours).

In addition to volunteering at a home game, a table official is required from Vipers is required to assist at the table for all away games.

  1. What are my responsibilities? 
  • Arrive for your shift on time and complete the entire shift. 
  • In the event you cannot work a shift you’ve been assigned, arrange for a replacement and email [email protected]
  • If you have not been assigned sufficient shifts during the weekly games, sign up for additional shifts during tournaments so that your volunteer commitment is completed. 
  • Ensure you’ve volunteered for sufficient shifts to fulfill your volunteer commitment. 
  1. How do I get credited for the work I’ve done? 
  • For Table Officials shifts, take a picture of the scoresheet and email to: [email protected]
  • For AGM & Volunteer Training Sessions, sign the attendance sheet. 
  1. What should I do if I cannot work a shift I’ve been assigned? 
  • You are responsible for finding another parent to replace you. A team contact list will be provided. 
  • Email [email protected] and advise who will be replacing you.
  1. What happens if I don’t complete the minimum 10 hours? 
  • Any family unable to fulfill the minimum 10 hours of volunteer activities will have their cheque cashed on April 30, 2023. There are no reimbursements for partially completed hours.

We cannot stress enough the importance of parent participation within the Vancouver Vipers Water Polo Club. 

Thank you all for your continued support.